By empowering girls through play, we can help them reach their full potential, become the next generation of leaders and change the world.

All Girls Can Play is an advocacy and play initiative presented by One World Play Project to raise awareness about the discrimination challenges faced by girls worldwide and meet those challenges through the power of play.

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All Girls Can Play brings the power of play to girls around the world by raising and delivering ultra-durable One World Futbols to organizations working with girls living in disadvantaged communities.

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12Play and sports give us a platform to encourage every girl to be the best she can be—on and off the field. Through sport and play, girls can find their sense of self.  As a result of my involvement in sports, I never looked at any challenge in my life as ‘no you can’t’.  I always came at it from a position of, ‘Yes, you can.’  I believe it’s vital for young women to have positive, authentic role models of health, hope and wholeness to encourage girls to become true champions in life.  Sport and play do this for girls—empowering them to have a strong voice on the playground and beyond..

– Brandi Chastain

World Cup and Olympic champion soccer player, author, soccer analyst and co-founder of BAWSI

10Playing baseball and being involved in sports has given me a sense of purpose bigger than myself and that purpose is the ability to make an impact on the lives of youth off the field and across the globe. This is why I play. I’ve seen the pure joy that comes from simple resources so many take for granted. I know that through play and sport, young women can develop the life skills they need to realize their dreams.  Every girl deserves to have the opportunity to play. Just as food, shelter and medicine help heal and nourish the body, play and sports help build the body—and heal and nourish the soul..

– Jeremy Affeldt

Professional Baseball Player (San Francisco Giants) and co-founder of Generation Alive

02Play and sport are so important for girls because they teach you how to be a leader in life. This is why I will always advocate for girls to play. It’s not just about being healthy and physically active—play and sports help you gain confidence, teach you about team work, and how to overcome obstacles. When girls can be on a playing field, they are more likely to raise their voice in the classroom, walk confidently into the boardroom, and step up as leaders in society..

– Julie Foudy

World Cup and Olympic champion soccer player, sports analyst, and Julie Foudy Sports Leadership Academy

11Play and sports have a powerful impact on girls—but opportunities to participate are often dominated by boys and men. Working with a global network of partners, I have seen the transformative impact of play first-hand, helping girls find their voices and be heard. When girls can play, their confidence grows, they see themselves in new roles, they can imagine a different and better future for themselves.  All girls can, and must, play..

– Lisa Tarver

Co-founder and Chief Giving Officer, One World Play Project

joycePlaying sports helps girls drive towards a goal, push themselves, learn how to communicate with others, celebrate their own accomplishments and those of their team—and learn from mistakes. But perhaps the most important part of sports in the lives of girls is the feeling of flying feet, wind in your hair, and the joy of being a kid playing a game. That’s what happiness and freedom feels like—and the circumstances may change as you grow up, but the feeling never does..

– Joyce Chang

Editor-in-Chief of SELF

05When girls play, they get stronger and they get smarter. Playing together creates bonds and experiences that transcend into friendships and life skills. It's good for their health. It's good for their brains. What community wouldn't be better off with confident happy girls? Plus, it's so fun!.

– Andrea Montalbano

Author of the Soccer Sisters series, coach and play advocate

04I believe that we all have a responsibility to amplify our voices for change and create a better world.  People matter, our planet matters, and we can make choices that will make a real difference.  All Girls Can Play offers a way for everyone—consumers, business owners, investors to have an impact on our global community and our next generation of world navigators.  Our future is brighter when we collaborate to empower girls through the power of play..

– Andy Fyfe

Head of Community Development, B Lab

06As a mother of a teenage daughter who has played soccer most of her life, I have seen the tremendous value it has had on her confidence, self-esteem and feeling of empowerment. The All Girls Can Play Initiative from One World Play Project is literally changing the lives of young girls..

– Teresa Pahl

Partner, Hanson Bridgett LLP

07Play is absolutely critical to creative and emotional development. It enables us to use our imagination, problem solve and to connect and engage with others. In many countries, even our own, girls are more timid and not allowed to show their strength or share their voice. The value that initiatives like All Girls Can Play brings is immeasurable it allows these girls to develop skills, build confidence and continue to evolve the tradition with younger generations. It is our responsibility to let these wonderful girls know just how important they are to the world. Let’s continue to nourish them with the transformative power of play..

– Renata Di Iulio

Vice President of Client Engagement, Recreation

Kelsey-RobinsonI believe that play and sports empower girls by giving them the opportunities to learn communication, teamwork and leadership skills. For me, sports were always a place where I could escape everything around me and helped me to believe in myself. By playing sports, I have learned that there is no barrier on what you set your heart and mind to accomplish. It has given me the strength to make challenging decisions both on and off the court. The friendships that are made through playing are often ones that will last a lifetime. I think that play is fundamental in teaching girls to have confidence, not be afraid to show their strength, and to believe that there is no limit to what one can achieve..

– Kelsey Robinson

Team USA and World champion and professional international volleyball player

Jill Savery_OWFPlay is critical to child development and life! I wasn't aware of it at the time, but growing up playing outside with other boys and girls gave me confidence and personal skills like teamwork and communication. Play also led to developing wonderful friendships - I learned how to accept other people and how to work together to achieve a goal..

– Jill Savery

Olympic gold medalist – 1996 synchronized swimming; CEO of sustainability consulting firm Bristlecone Strategies, Inc. and former Head of Sustainability for the 2013 America’s Cup

BrittanyAmmermanThrough the women I work with in Kenya, I've realized that I have been given a platform through collegiate sports to share my athletic achievements and abilities across the globe. What I have provided these women and what can be provided to all women is not just jerseys and gear; it is the power of play. The power of play brings women the knowledge and confidence to know that women can change the world. They can be so much more than just the caretaker of the home; they can be teammates, leaders, role models, athletes, and equals..

– Brittany Ammerman

Founder of Kenyan Nikumbuke Women’s Soccer League, Univ. of Wisconsin Hockey Player- 2011 National Champion, USA National Team Player Pool Member 2011-14 and 2015 Hockey Humanitarian Award Winner

IMG_3973After joining a group of volunteers on a trip to Africa, playing new and familiar sports, I saw firsthand how much these children given the opportunity, could learn through play and sport— the same values I had learned from being an Olympian; Excellence, Friendship and Fair Play. The girls gain confidence in their abilities; the boys learn how to share responsibility.  I found that boys and girls who can learn to pass a soccer ball to each other on the field can also learn to cooperate better off the field.  Gender equality is about shifting gender norms so that girls and boys understand how both can contribute to a healthy community..

– Tracy Evans Land

3 Time Olympic Freestyle Aerialist, National Champion, Founder of Kids Play International and AthleteSource Casting Director

I use play to create a future where we accept who we are and what we look like. Play has allowed me to uncover an emotionally stronger and more fierce version of myself. But it’s also helped me build to an organization whose purpose is to help women battling with eating disorders, body image issues and depression by providing them with a new reflection of finding confidence in their physical ability to move and to sweat. I am proud to be a part of the AllGirlsCanPlay initiative..

– Jenny Gaither

Founder/CEO of Movemeant Foundation, www.movemeantfoundation.com



#AllGirlsCanPlay Story: Meet Martine

Martine was born deaf in Mirebalais. In the rural Haitian community, there was little to no support for people who were deaf or hard of hearing. As such, she had a difficult time communicating and connecting with those around her. Today, through play and the Haiti Deaf Academy, Martine has found her voice, developed friendships…

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Meet Liana: “I think girls can be whizzes at football.”

Liana Sargsyan Armenia “I think girls can be whizzes at football and play even better than boys do. Football is a hobby for me. I play football in order to break all stereotypes: girls play football better and more carefully than boys do. Lastly, I would like to add that we girls are quicker in…

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Meet Payal: “Play liberates me.”

Payal Gulab Kannojia 17 years old Slum of South Mumbai, India What is the hardest part of your day? Finishing daily household chores before leaving for football practice. I am expected to do the dishes, sweep and swab the floor and wash clothes before I leave for practice or school. What is difficult for you?…

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Uni Papua FC

Uni Papua FC: inspiring girls through play in Indonesia

Marlina Ibo Instructor Yakonde, Sentani “Football not only can be played by men but woman as well. Through football, men and women can be equal. Never underestimate women because, through football, women can find their self-esteem.” Bilha Daimoi 9 years old Yakonde, Sentani “I feel proud I can play football, and I want to thank…

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Andrea Calzada

Meet Andrea: “Play leaves us with satisfaction we find nowhere else.”

Andrea Calzada 22 years old Zacatecas, Mexico When I started playing futbol, I found two problems that seemed impossible to solve. The first one is lack of fields. We live in a northern desert town with little resources, so having fields is not a priority. The very dry weather also doesn’t help. The second problem…

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#AllGirlsCanPlay Story: Meet Fernanda

For refugee and immigrant youth, adjusting to life in the United States can be challenging. Through play and our partner Soccer Without Borders, Fernanda is building friendships.

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From the field- the importance of play for girls and women

From the field: the importance of play for girls and women

At One World Play Project, we often receive feedback from our global network of partners that highlights the importance of play for all people—including girls and women—and how the ultra-durable One World Futbol is being used to give girls and women the opportunity to play. “There are more girls playing! The president and people in…

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Meet Shabina: “I want to show my country that girls are not weak, girls can play!”

Shabina Aijul Shaikh 16 years old Slum of South Mumbai, India What is the hardest part of your day? Finishing household chores before leaving for football practice. I am expected to do the dishes, sweep and swab the floor and wash clothes before I leave for practice or school. What is difficult for you? The…

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Meet Erika: “Through play, I have discovered my strengths.”

Erika Adrianna Tejada Herrera 18 years old Cabarete, Dominican Republic What are the problems or challenges you’ve encountered? One problem for me has been other people who demotivate or disappoint you. The challenges have been when I have other things to do, such as study or housework. What is the most difficult part of your…

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Zaira Alvarado Gonzalez

Meet Zaira: “Playing means to interact and coexist with my community.”

Zaira Alvarado Gonzalez 16 years old San Juan Tlacotenco, Mexico My name is Zaira Alvarado Gonzalez, I am 16 years old and I am in the second grade of high school (11th grade). I live in the community of San Juan Tlacotenco, a municipality of Tepoztlan in the state of Morelos in Mexico. The hardest…

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Meet Kekeletso: proving #AllGirlsCanPlay

Kekeletso Fusi 11 years old Evaton, South Africa Just four months after she’d started playing soccer, 11-year-old Kekeletso Fusi held a trophy up high and celebrated with her teammates. “I like defending, and I love dribbling. I love to have the ball,” she says. “When we started playing, the boys at the school laughed at…

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#AllGirlsCanPlay Story: Meet Camila

In Brazil, violence, alcohol and drugs are rampant. Through play and our partner ACER Brasil, Camila has found her escape and a dream for the future.

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Nadège Exilhomme

Meet Nadège: first female coach for GOALS Haiti

Nadège Exilhomme 28 years old Destra, Haiti Nadège Exilhomme, mother, coach and educator, lives in Destra—a small, isolated fishing village located on the outskirts of Leogane, Haiti. She is one of the few women to play football in Destra, and her level, even though she’s an amateur, is still higher than her friends’. Appreciated by…

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Sharifa Mae Salip Jamuh

Football for Peace: “The girl with the [hijab] was the best player on the pitch.”

Sharifa Mae Salip Jamuh 16 years old Panglima Estino, Sulu, Philippines The following story originally appeared in The Social Standard. The football Sharifa Mae Salip Jamuh is holding up is the One World Futbol, the ultra-durable ball that will work anywhere in the world even in the roughest of landscapes. It says a lot not only…

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Grassroot Soccer

Grassroot Soccer: creating safe spaces for girls to learn & play

Grassroot Soccer partners with One World Play Project to distribute ultra-durable One World Futbols to Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) all over the world in order to educate youth on healthy living in an interactive and safe environment. In a village setting where soccer balls are easily damaged, One World Futbols—soccer balls that never need a…

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Sushmita Suresh Jadhav

Meet Sushmita: “I live football.”

Sushmita Suresh Jadhav 18 years old Dharavi, Mumbai, India Sushmita has been with Magic Bus, a partner of One World Play Project, for seven years now. She joined Magic Bus when she was in 5th standard and is part of the Magic Bus Football Team in Mumbai. Recently, she was selected as a Youth Mentor…

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Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 4.50.10 PM

Coaches Across Continents: football for female empowerment

Our partners Coaches Across Continents and IndoChina Starfish Foundation are using football to promote gender equality and female empowerment in Cambodia. “One of the things that we decided when we set up Coaches Across Continents was that girls and women had to be included in every single program that we ran. That was a non-negotiable.”…

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Carina Mora Caraballo

Meet Carina: “Play is the best way to relax the body.”

Carina Mora Caraballo 19 years old Cabarete, Dominican Republic What problems or challenges have you encountered? In my life, I have had various challenges, but the biggest challenge I have had to overcome is the death of my father, who took his own life without explanation. At the time, my father was still young and…

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Monica Gonzales

Meet Monica: “When I play, I feel an immense happiness.”

Monica Gonzales 12 years old Bogota, Colombia My name is Monica Gonzales, I am 12 years old and I live in the Claret neighborhood in Bogota, Colombia. I practice football. Playing football means a lot to me because we can show people that, thanks to the sport, women can do the same activities men do….

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Viridiana Conde.03

Meet Viridiana: “Play makes me have confidence in myself and in others.”

Viridiana Conde 22 years old Morelos, Mexico My name is Teotlahui Viridiana Conde Galicia. I am 22 years old and am studying law in college (seventh semester). I live in the community of Santo Domingo Ocotitlán, a municipality of Tepoztlan in the state of Morelos in Mexico. In my day, the hardest thing for me…

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Meet Shegofa: “My family had this prejudgement about women in sport.”

Shegofa 20 years old Australia Some women are discriminated against based on their physical appearance, their religion and their background before the person actually knowing the person on an individual level. Like me, for example, I love sport and I get judged before actually participating in sport. When I first came to Australia, my family…

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Karolyn Konton

Meet Karolyn: “I think what boys can do girls can also do.”

Karolyn Konton 17 years old Grand Cess Yard, West Point, Monrovia, Liberia My name is Karolyn Konton, and I am 17 years of age. I live in the Township of West Point. I am in the sixth grade. I am not in school at the moment because my parents could not pay my registration and…

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#AllGirlsCanPlay Story: Meet Linda

Every year, girls in Cambodia are forced into marriage. Through soccer, Linda found the courage to speak up, change her future and show her parents the transformative power of play.

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All Girls Can Play is an advocacy and play initiative presented by One World Play Project to raise awareness about the discrimination challenges faced by girls worldwide and meet those challenges through the power of play.

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Empowering the powerless in Nepal

When Katie Robertson first presented the One World Futbol to a group of young Nepali schoolgirls in Gaunsahar and invited them to play a game of soccer, they said no. They told her, “We cannot play, we do not have shoes.” Needless to say, Katie and the other volunteers from Empower Nepali Girls were disappointed…

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All for play, play for all

For the past few months, two elite disability cricket groups in the United Kingdom have been playing with the ultra-durable One World Cricket Ball: the Surrey Physical and Learning Difficulty Team and the Kent Visually Impaired Team…

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Football United: strong women, strong world

“Women’s and girls’ voices too often go unheard. Their talents go unused. The least utilized resource in the world is women’s potential. As a result, the whole world suffers and we are all made less prosperous and less secure.” — United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon…

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Discovering the true power of play

Brittany Ammerman is a senior at the University of Wisconsin. She’s a gender and women’s studies major and a forward for the Badgers’ Women’s Hockey team. She’s also the force behind the Nikumbuke Women’s Soccer League campaign raising One World Futbols for villages in Kenya….

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Inspired by women: the women who move our team

March is Women’s History Month. It’s a time to pay tribute to the many women whose commitment to society, nature and future generations has proved invaluable to the world. At One World Play Project, we’re inspired by women every day: the women in our families, on our team and in our circles of friends; the women in our history books and those in the news…

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One World Play Project empowers Mighty Girls in Cambodia

Rachel Haig is the Asia Co-director for One World Play Project and is based in Chiang Mai, Thailand…

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Giving girls a voice and a choice in Marsabit

“The education and empowerment of women throughout the world cannot fail to result in a more caring, tolerant, just and peaceful life for all.” — Aung San Suu Kyi…

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